Joseph Quinn Became Famous All Over The World Thanks To The Role Of Eddie In The Popular TV Series Stranger Things

However, this is not his first high-profile project – before him, the actor managed to star in the Game of Thrones. But few people remember his role there. Now Joseph is a real star with a huge army of fans.

True, Quinn himself is clearly not used to the attention and love of the fans. At the last Comic Con, he burst into tears after the words of one of the fans. “Thank you for making our summer,” a fan thanked Joseph. And Quinn couldn’t hold back his tears.

The thing is that the day before, the actor had a serious skirmish with the organizers of the convention. They insisted that he spends too much time communicating with fans – Joseph generally tries to pay attention to everyone and answers almost all questions.

“I do not want to comment on this conflict, but thank you for giving us your time. Thank you for signing our things,” said the fan.

By this time, the touched actor no longer even tried to hide his emotions. He flushed visibly and wiped his cheeks, wet with tears.

Quinn also shared her experience of working with actor Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays the role of Vikna in various forms throughout the season.

It’s so funny because he’s kind of scary on camera, and then you look at him with those big fingers, and then he’s kind of a bit between them, he’s a sigh between them, “says Quinn, 29. It’s kind of funny, it’s a little cigarette, and it’s big fingers. And just watching him drink an iced coffee, in a way, is a very unrealistic scene. ”
Given the opportunity to change characters, Quinn says she would love to try Vecna.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to stab in Vecna,” he says. “It would be fun. You can’t touch everyone else. They’re exactly where they should have been.”

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