Julia Roberts Shares the Adorable Reason She Wants to Show Her Daughter Her Husband’s Old Letters

The actress, who co-stars with George Clooney in the upcoming film Ticket to Paradise, will be on CBS Sunday Morning with host Jane Pauley this weekend, where she will discuss her personal life and professional endeavors.

In a sneak peek, Roberts, 54, explains that acting “simply never engulfed me.” This fulfills a lifelong goal of mine. My other wish has also been granted. When asked about her other goals in life, the Notting Hill actress credits her husband, actor Danny Moder, and their three children, Henry, 15, Phinneas, 17, and Hazel, 17.

what Roberts calls “the life I’ve made with my husband.” That which we have created together as a family with our offspring. Plus, that’s the good stuff. The goal is to return home to them feeling accomplished at the end of the day.

Additionally, Roberts explains that during her 62-day stay in Australia filming Ticket to Paradise, she wrote letters to her family and friends back in the United States. She and her husband, Moder, have always enjoyed writing letters to one another, a tradition she hopes to pass on to her children someday.

One of his earliest letters to me is still in my possession. At some point in the future, I plan to present this to Hazel and tell her, “That’s what you’re searching for, says Roberts.”

The actress spoke publicly this month about getting back into the business after a layoff of four years and the changes she has noticed now that her three children are teenagers.

During an interview with The New York Times, Roberts said, “I just take it all as it comes.” Clooney also participated in the conversation. I don’t have any acting gigs lined up, and I do my best to live in the now without anticipating anything. It’s great to be back in the swing of things. And becoming a mother and being at home are two of my favorite things.

Covid restrictions made filming in Australia incredibly difficult; the fact that I could pull off the shoot is a credit to my supportive friendships and the fertile atmosphere for creativity. But, unfortunately, I can’t access it because it isn’t part of my mobile plan.

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