Julianne Moore, The Star, Decided To Support The Hourglass Cosmetics Brand With The Pleasant Status Of An Ambassador

Julianne Moore makes it clear that sustainability should have a special place in self-care. At 61, the actress is clearly focused on natural beauty and health, and she manages to increase the rich natural data.

Not surprisingly, the star decided to support the Hourglass cosmetics brand with the pleasant status of an ambassador.

The company has managed to win recognition from a global audience thanks to an innovative approach to production and, of course, a sincere desire to take care of the environment.

Juliana has joined the ranks of the famous clients of the brand, among which one can also name Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

In advertising foundation, Moore, by her own example, decided to show the continuity of generations and beauty in all its natural representation.

The actress was accompanied by her beloved daughter Liv Freundlich, who inherited a rich copper shade of hair from her famous mother.

“The idea of ​​the project is that when you love, admire or respect someone, you naturally shine,” said Carisa Jaynes, CEO, and founder of the brand, marking the launch of the foundation.

In any case, we agree that Juliana perfectly embodies the image of a modern flamboyant woman. She knows how to remain herself regardless of fashion trends and pressure in the film community.

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