Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Take a PDA-Filled Vacation In Italy

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are heading close to their 10th anniversary and as the couple near a decade of love, they decided to take a little vacation to Italy, the country where they first tied the knot.

The two were seen on the 26th of July getting on a rather fancy yacht in Porto Cervo. After enjoying what is sure to have been a luxurious and wonderful time on the yacht, a couple of days later the couple were seen once again on the island of Sardinia. It seems that their Italian vacation is going as dreamlike as possible, as the two celebrities laid under the warm sun and shared some adorable intimate moments together.

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Biel and Timberlake got married in October of 2012 and have since had two beautiful sons together, one named Silas and the other named Phineas. Their wedding was an extravagant ceremony in Fasano, Italy which featured some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry including, Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, Timbaland, Questlove, and Beverley Mitchell among many others.

It appears that the couple shares a special love for Italy as their wedding included many Italian cuisines as well and the couple returned to the European country in 2018 for another vacation.

Both Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have recently appeared in the series Candy, which is streaming on Hulu. Jessica Biel stars in the show as the protagonist named Candy Montgomery while Justin Timberlake only had a small cameo as a Deputy.

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The couple is not widely known for attending red carpets together but at the premiere of Candy in Los Angeles, the couple appeared on the red carpet together and gave the fans a rare chance to gush over the adorable couple.

The show has done well with audiences and critics alike, adding to Biel’s already impressive career.

Meanwhile, Timberlake has recently sold his entire catalog arising fear among fans that he might be retiring from music.




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