Kanye West Has Stated That He Is Content With Calling Out Terrible Business Practices, Even If It Causes Him To Be Viewed As Anti-Semitic

As he departed the premiere of Candace Owen’s new documentary on Wednesday night, West highlighted the brands that have ditched him since his latest social media tirade, notably Adidas and JP Morgan Chase, in an interview with Page Six.

Someone is anti-Semitic if they are called out for doing poor business. He introduced himself to our photographers as “the wealthiest black guy in American history,” saying, “I feel delighted to have crossed the boundary of that notion so we can talk frankly about stuff like getting removed by a bank.”

45-year-old West was mid-sentence when a truck passed by, interrupting his discussion of JP Morgan Chase in particular. After then, he postponed his address for later.

Owens stated earlier today that West’s multibillion-dollar company, Yeezy, had been moved out of JP Morgan Chase’s custody and that West has until November to locate a new bank.

I was informed there was no apparent reason given, but they did send this letter to indicate that he has until late November to locate a new bank for the Yeezy business, she tweeted alongside a photo of the notification.

A portion of the letter read as follows: As you know, Please accept this letter as confirmation of JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.’s recent conversation with the person redacted. We regret to inform you that the Bank has decided to sever its banking relationship with Yeezy LLC and its related entities.

West’s weekend anti-Semitic remarks led to his dismissal from JP Morgan Chase. During a text exchange with Diddy, he warned him, “This ain’t a game,” and posted a screenshot of the exchange to Instagram. You’re going to be used as an example to prove to the Jewish community that influenced you to call that they can’t intimidate or control me.

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