Kate Beckinsale came out in a dress that emphasized all her virtues

48-year-old Kate Beckinsale seems to be frozen at the same age and does not intend to grow old at all. True, for this, she has to severely limit her nutrition and regularly visit the gym.

So, the actress almost does not consume sugar and tries to reduce the number of carbohydrates. According to the star, she feels lethargic and tired from them.

At the same time, Kate does not advocate strict diets or nutrition systems.

Beckinsale attends training 5-6 times a week. At the same time, she works with one of the most famous specialists – Gunnar Peterson.

It is he who is accountable for the physical form of Jennifer Lopez , Kim Kardashian, and even LeBron James.

And all these efforts are fully justified. Kate looks smart, young, and can afford even the most revealing outfits. However, the actress tries not to get naked too often.

She understands that sometimes the most interesting things are still best left to the imagination.
For example, the other day, she visited the National Film Awards, where she received an award for best actress-she played in the film “Pretty Woman on a Platoon.”

For the ceremony, Kate chose a sparkling dress with a deep neckline and a slit from the beginning of the thigh. The gown had shoulder pads and long sleeves, and Kate was wearing silver jewelry. The film also celeb Stanley Tucci and Laverne Cox.

She chose Best Actress for the role of Landy Lewis in the comedy-action thriller Jolt, which came out last year.

Recall that such styles are also suitable for those who cannot boast of the same slender figure – a slit and a V-shaped neckline add vertical lines to the silhouette, visually stretching it and hiding a few centimeters.

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