Katy Perry’s Last Las Vegas Performance Was Marred By A Strained Right Eye

Fans were concerned that the pop sensation Katy Perry might truly be a robot when she experienced an eye problem in the middle of her concert. Perry struggled to hold her right eye open while performing a recent show as part of her residency at the Las Vegas Play.

She even appeared to be trying to prevent her eyelid from dropping by pressing her finger against the side of her temple. After some time, the performer successfully lifted one of her eyelids, and she then maintained both eyes wide open for several seconds.

After that, she blinked before encouraging the audience members to raise their voices for her band. KatyCats reacted in various ways to the strange exhibition that has gone popular on social media, ranging from being alarmed to being delighted by what they saw.

The problems with her clone continued. In a TikTok comment, one user remarked, “That is alarming,” while another added, “Her robot really seemed to glitch a lot.”

Another person joked that they had known for a while that the woman in question was a robot. Finally, someone else commented that Katy Perry is a female robot laughing its head off.

In the meantime, another person’s viewpoint was: It wasn’t the eye thing that was strange; rather, it was the fact that she pretended it didn’t happen and continued with the program as if nothing had happened…

A good many people regarded the situation to be pretty humorous. On TikTok, one user made a joke about the baby doll they had when they were younger that had an eye that kept closing, while another user pondered that she had lost her wifi connection.

Another supporter likened Perry’s crooked eye to the one appearing on a Disney animatronic after it had been used for around ten years. The Roar diva was celebrating her 38th birthday when comments about the issue began to surface. On Tuesday, Perry celebrated the start of a new year, and her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, posted a touching Instagram message in her honor.

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