Keke Palmer Is Starting The Neon Trend Again In A Highlighter Green Head-To-Toe Outfit And Fans Love The Look

Keke Palmer is known since her Disney channel and Nickelodeon acting days. She’s one of the many stars that fans have grown up with and that’s why many of her fans have loved her since the beginning. Keke Palmer is an incredible singer as well as an actor.

She’s also known for her incredible fashion style. Keke Palmer recently was photographed in a very hot neon green ensemble that blew the crowd away. The outfit consisted of a green trench coat, a blazer, high-waisted trousers, and even matching PVC pumps. With the outfit, she chose to wear a white crop top peeking out from underneath her blazer which she paired with a white handbag of the same color.

Keke Palmer has been very busy promoting her new film “Nope” which is a supernatural film. During the premiere of the movie, Keke was seen killing the fashion show again. She was decked out in a cropped mini ivory corset which was paired with a black slinky maxi skirt with a long slit at the back. To accessorize, she wore some black gloves and some sexy platform black heels to match. For jewelry, she chose to wear hoop earrings, a silver chain necklace, and lots of bracelets.

Keke has also spoken up about working with Jordan Peele on the movie “Nope”. She mentioned that humans have a tendency of observing so much happening online that it alters the way that they think about certain things whether positively or negatively. She said that the movie did the same uniquely and excitingly while staying in the horror genre.

She complimented Peele on the way that he had directed the movie and said she was excited to see how everyone would interpret it. Fans have been incredibly excited to see the movie and have been very excited to form their own opinions about it especially since Keke has been hyping it up so much.

Fans love Keke and her unique style. Many of her fans have seen her become this incredible woman over the last few years and they’re incredibly proud of her for everything that she has done. Many fans can’t wait to see where she goes further.

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