Kelly Clarkson Opened Up About The Struggles She Had After Her Divorce And During The Pandemic And Talks About Her New Show ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

Celebrities could be going through so much and their fans would never even know. While some celebrities let their fans into their world easily, some celebrities find it hard to let fans see them in their weakest states. Unlike most celebrities, Kelly Clarkson has just recently opened up about the things she went through in the pandemic and after her divorce.

In a recent interview, Kelly admitted that she had been having a really tough time but had to pretend to be okay. She mentioned how it had become so hard for her to smile because of her circumstances however her work had made her feel like she was channeling her energy in the right way. She stated that it had been a blessing to have work to come to in a time like that because it had helped her stay sane.

In the interview, she also said that her recent post on Instagram about it being a decade since she had won the American Idol had come after a hard day. She said, “I had a really hard day because I had to do a really hard interview… I felt drained… I was sitting on my couch and I was like, ‘Oh, my God — it’s September 4…’ I was like, Wow.”

Kelly has been extremely proud of her because of her win twenty years ago and spoke of how if she had been told that this would be the outcome of her life, she wouldn’t have believed it. She also said that she would have avoided a lot of things that could be prevented. However, despite her talents, she claimed that luck had been on her side as she had succeeded many times in life.

Kelly Clarkson also has been working hard on her show “The Kelly Clarkson Show”. In the same interview, she said, “We have had three seasons of people getting to know us… Because we’ve been so successful, and fans have been so supportive… we’re allowed to, in Season 4, go even bigger and deeper in conversations… People get to know the ‘Kellyoke’ part of the show… We’re able to involve the fans as well.”

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