Kendall Jenner showed how to create a sexy look with a cardigan

26-year-old Kendall Jenner is a sought-after model and influencer. And for the title of the sexiest social media star, she can easily compete even with Emily Ratajkowski.

The fashion model always chooses spicy outfits that emphasize her chiseled figure. Moreover, Kendall manages to make sexy even those things that, it would seem, were not created for this.

Once again, Jenner demonstrated her talent on the night of July 6. On her page, the celebrity posted a series of pictures for which she posed in a swimsuit from two different parts. The top was designed by Sommer Swim, and the bottom by Naomi Plumage.

The star decided to make this unpretentious beach outfit more interesting with the help of an unusual thing – a short paprika-colored MIAOU cardigan.

This bright color combination is an instant eye-catcher and perfect for summer. True, where to go in such an outfit is quite difficult to decide.

Internet users, however, were still delighted with the spicy photos. “Great idea,” “I’m going to go get one from my grandma’s wardrobe” “Is it just me, or can’t you literally go anywhere in this? But on such a figure, of course, it looks great,” the followers of the model do not hide their conflicting emotions.

The post comes as a businessman enjoys a weekend of a July 4 holiday in Hamptons.

She was a guest at Michael Rubin’s lavish All-White Party, which was hosted at his $ 50 million estates.
For the occasion, Runway wore a regular tube top and micro mini skirt while rubbing his shoulders with musicians Drake and Lil Baby.

She appeared in photos, one of which was shared on the Canadian superstar’s Instagram page.
Although not pictured, Kendall’s on-off basketball star boyfriend Devin Booker, 25, was also at the party.

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