Kevin Spacey, In Particular, Pleads Not Guilty To Several Sexual Assault Charges Brought Against Him In Recent Times

Not everyone is ready to admit their guilt in a crime, especially when you are a movie star with a world status. Kevin Spacey , in particular, pleads not guilty to several sexual assault charges brought against him in recent times.

He stated this at a hearing in London, which took place this Thursday. Appearing at the Central Criminal Court in a light blue suit and polka dot tie, the 62-year-old actor gave his full name and date of birth and then declared that he was absolutely innocent on four counts in relation to the male victims.

The start of the trial has already been scheduled for June 6, 2023, and will last three to four weeks. The actor has now been released on unconditional bail at Westminster Magistrates’ Court after his legal team said there was no risk.

However, the Hollywood genius did not wait for a forced arrest in America and decided to voluntarily come to London for further proceedings.

“I greatly appreciate the statement from the Crown Prosecution Service in which they carefully reminded the media and the public that I am entitled to a fair trial and to be innocent until proven otherwise.

Although I am disappointed with their decision to move on, I will voluntarily report to the UK as soon as possible and defend myself against these allegations, which I am sure will prove my innocence,” he said earlier.

The star first faced allegations of sexual assault in 2017 when actor Anthony Rapp, now 50, accused the star of sexual harassment allegedly occurring when he was only 14 years old.

Kevin responded to the guy’s formal accusation by apologizing for “profoundly inappropriate behavior while drunk” despite claiming he had no recollection of the alleged interaction.

He was also open about his sexuality for the first time, explaining that he “has now decided to live as a gay.”

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