Khloé Kardashian Has Been Caught Modifying Yet Another One Of Her Photos

On Monday night, Khloé Kardashian purportedly shared a selfie of herself in a black catsuit that highlighted her curves, which caused a stir online. Fans, however, were quick to point out that she appeared to have a narrower waist than usual.

Since the walls around the Good American founder’s torso appeared to be twisted in the photo taken in her plush hotel room during Paris Fashion Week, the image may have been edited. Her shoulder and arm were abnormally large about the rest of her.

After the photo became viral on Twitter, Kardashian made the strange claim that she had never uploaded it.

I didn’t even bother to upload this picture to my account. Possibly my makeup helped, but I didn’t notice it. Further, what I mean is…. She tweeted about the back slanting lines, “haha pls,” on Tuesday night.

In a second tweet, she elaborated, “Wait, not saying [sic] my glam did that either in just saying I didn’t post this photo on my page.” Where are the receipts I made? Lmao, folks are so strange.

Kardashian and other relatives of her famous family have been busted for photo-editing before. In the spring of 2021, Kardashian’s crew worked tirelessly to remove an unmodified photo of the mother of two from the web.

The reality actress was photographed wearing a leopard print bikini and striking an unguarded pose near the pool. Unfortunately, an absence of the usual editing and improvements on her social media made her appear much younger than she was.

While Kardashian’s team praised the viral photo for its beauty, they also warned that those responsible could face legal repercussions for sharing the photograph without permission.

The reality star has not only been questioned about Photoshopping her own body but also confessed in April to manipulating photos of her 5-year-old daughter, True.

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