Kim Kardashian is catching panic attacks without Kanye West as a stylist

Even though after the divorce from Kanye West , the TV star regained her freedom, sometimes this does not turn out in the best way. As it turned out, after a while, Kim Kardashian realized that she was struggling to rediscover her style. In a scene from the new episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians on Thursday, the Skims founder confides in her sister Kourtney about the struggles to dress for large events after she filed for divorce in early 2021. The rapper literally did double work for seven years of marriage (and almost ten years of living together). Since he was not only her beloved husband but also acted as a personal stylist. It was his look that influenced many of her iconic red carpet looks.

It is not surprising that independent attempts to realize themselves as a stylist ended in failure for a long time. However, Kim was able to overcome herself and was awarded an award for recognizing the success of her brand Skims. “I thought: “How can I wear something that was not pre-tested by him?” Kardashian recalls admitting that the choice of image required psychological stress, and she was very nervous. In addition, her husband did not really like the leather dress. So she chose SKIMS X FENDI, which almost became a wardrobe flop. The outfit was almost unbuttoned when she was preparing to receive the Brand Innovator award. “He called me after that. And said that my career was over, and then showed me a photo of Marge Simpson in something like that,” Kim laughed.

Although the femme fatale publicly praised West at the People’s Choice Awards in December for “introducing her to fashion,” the ex-husband has since used his stylist skills on another girl. 



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