Kylie Jenner’s Recent Travel Of Driving 30 Minutes Out Of Her Way To Fly 17 Minutes On A Private Jet Has Been Met With Tons Of Criticism

Kylie Jenner is probably one of the biggest influencers in the world with all of her fame and fortune. She’s made a name for herself, both on her family’s show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and her beauty line “Kylie Cosmetics”. Kylie is known to live extravagantly and is known for having a lot of controversies due to her lifestyle. But this time, it seems as if she has gone too far.

Kylie recently posted a photo of her and Travis Scott in front of their respective private jets. She captioned the picture “you wanna take mine or yours?” The post itself was a little cute however it has recently been reported that the flight Kylie had to take was only 17 minutes.

Kylie traveled from Camarillo, CA. to Van Nuys, CA. Driving would have taken her 45 minutes depending on traffic and her flight had only been 17 minutes long.

Kylie lives in Hidden Hills, CA. which is around 25 miles from Camarillo, CA. This means it would have taken her 29 minutes to get there. However, the distance from Kylie’s house to Van Nuys, CA. is around 16 miles which also would have taken her 30 minutes. Given the math, it is confirmed that Kylie took an extra 30-minute drive to Camarillo, CA. to take her 17-minute flight to Van Nuys, CA.

The news of her travel enraged a lot of people. Many people called her out for not caring about climate change and the way the world was impacted by Carbon emissions. And it doesn’t seem like this is the first time that Kylie has done something of the sort.

However, many of Kylie’s friends and family only focused on the cute photo that she had posted. Many of the comments from her fans included them calling the two goals. Although some people seemed to support her, many of her regular fans have become angry at her.

Kylie has been so insulted on social media. However, it does not seem as if the backlash is affecting her. She has continued to promote her brand Kylie Cosmetics on her Instagram stories. And fans are very disappointed in the way that Kylie is ignoring something that they are trying to tell her.

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