Lady Gaga shocks with her surprising transformation in a video for TikTok

During her incredible career, Lady Gaga has played fashion impersonations more than once. In 2019, with the launch of her makeup and skincare brand Haus Laboratories, the star added another title to her already existing resume.
Following the singer, songwriter, actress, and style icon, we got a beauty entrepreneur. Gaga recently relaunched her beauty brand and posted a plethora of glam and style tutorials on social media.
In the first video, we see Lady Gaga wearing natural “makeup without makeup” and ridiculous black glasses, but as if with a wave of a magic wand, the singer recreates the atmosphere of glamor in the spirit of old Hollywood.
Signature styling, peach lipstick, thickly painted eyelashes, and gold jewelry – the image is quite in her spirit.
But that’s not all unexpected transformations for today! Gaga then shows off a grunge makeover with graphic cornflower blue-winged hair paired with a voluminous bob haircut.
Obviously, her hair is significantly shorter than it was a second ago, so she either said goodbye to her platinum locks or put on a wig. In any case, fans will be happy to meet the updated version of the singer because she remains their strong and independent idol.
In a previous post, In the last few days, however, Gaga has relaunched her beauty brand, House Labs, which has resulted in an abundance of new glam makeup and hair spas with Instagram and social media promos.
Listening to his lips on a clip of his voice, he says: “I mean … like … don’t work for the government, I work for the people”, A Star Is Born actor shared a TikTok Went to Video featuring not one, not two but three different hair and makeup changes.
Apparently, her hair is significantly shorter than just a second ago, so she’s either gone for the Big Bob Cup, or she’s wearing a wig.

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