Lil Nas X Stopped His Atlanta Show To Poo And Announce It To The Crowd

In a video that was uploaded to Twitter during one of the two stops that the Long Live Montero Tour made in Atlanta recently this week, the artist known as Industry Baby told audiences from backstage he was in the process of pooping and that he would be back onstage in about a minute or two.

I’m behind the scenes, and I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the program, but I need your forgiveness because I’m about to take a big piss. In the video captured by a member of the audience and uploaded to the website on Thursday, Lil Nas X , 23, can be heard saying, “But I’m going to be like a minute or two, and I’ll be right back.”

The next day, he republished the video and tweeted, “lmao people truly believed I was kidding, I was back there tossing devils into that toilet.”

The Grammy winner’s father, Robert Stafford, made it out to one of the Georgia gigs. After the show, he posted a photo with his son on Instagram and commended the performance afterward. There is no indication that Stafford was present at the show. Lil Nas X took a break so he could poop.

One of Stafford’s followers on Twitter took a snapshot of his Instagram Story and shared it, revealing that he had written “@lilnasx.” You have my utmost admiration and pride. When I go back to this chat that you and I had approximately four years ago, I realize that last night I saw the best show that I’ve seen since Michael Jackson, which was yours.

He said You were a child who had a dream and the willpower to pursue it. That one person out of a million was you.

In a subsequent post to his Instagram Story, Stafford made a crude joke, which appeared to be a reference to a lyric from Lil Nas X’s most recent hit, Star Walkin. In that song, Nas X sings, “Thankin God Daddy never wore a condom.”

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