Lisa Kudrow Acknowledges That She Detested Seeing Herself On The Screen Next To Courteney Cox And Jennifer Aniston

Friends has been one of the most watched sitcoms on the globe for the past 30 years. Some viewers think that the project’s resounding success is the result of the genuine “chemistry” between the key actors, who have become close in both real lives and on television.

It’s true that working with Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox made Lisa Kudrow feel uneasy. The actress’s complexes were the cause of the strained relationship.

In an interview with Popcrushed, Kudrow discussed this. Lisa claimed that up until she saw herself on the television next to Jennifer and Courtney, she thought her body was flawless.

The celebrity’s self-esteem suffered as a result of frequent comparisons with coworkers: “I just felt like a giant woman next to them.”

Although I didn’t have a waist, I was previously unaware of it. I assumed I was thin, so I could wear anything. It was made clear by “Friends” that I actually don’t look like I had imagined. I started thinking about dieting and losing weight all the time since it was so terrible, the actress said.

“I’m not attempting to imply that I was obese. I was obviously not overweight; I just wasn’t aware of my actual body type.

Later, I came to the conclusion that my physique was perfect. Complexes are entirely a mental construct. No one requires you to be tiny and famous, but you oppress yourself on your own, she said.

In a previous post, Jennifer Aniston, who costarred with Kudrow on Friends, helped the Emmy Award winner celebrate her 59th birthday on Saturday. She also shared some sweet flashback photos of the two of them.

Aniston, 53, posted a picture of them at the 29th People’s Choice Awards in 2003, “Happy birthday @lisakudrow.” With a GIF showing them cheering and bouncing around as their Friends characters Rachel Green and Phoebe Buffay, she wrote, “I adore you.”

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