Logan Paul brings 6 million worth of Pokemon card to WrestleMania

Logan Paul had already done so in his boxing match. The celebrity has spent months fortune-telling on Pokemon cards, and this latest move has broken all records. Which card is this?
Logan Paul, a YouTuber and internet celebrity, has been appearing as a huge buyer of Pokemon cards for months. Paul, who has also been the victim of fraud in the area, has spent more than 6 million on a very rare Pokemon card, wearing it as a WrestleMania 38 pendant. Why? Well, as he clarifies in Kotaku, and we told you a year ago when he did that in his boxing match, Paul was speculating about this kind of product for collectors.
Paul, 27, has already indicated that he plans to use a very rare card from the Pokemon The Trading Card game at his next social event. And so he wore his Pikachu Illustrator at WrestleMania 38, WWE’s biggest event of the year, wearing a piece that cost more than $ 6 million, according to Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) data. As you well know, there are very rare and bizarre Pokemon Cards, which can put a price on real luck and explode at auction and collector stores.
Pokemon fever has got ridiculous heights, with celebrities spending thousands of dollars and public funds to buy cards, decks, and booster boxes.
In addition to being a celebrity, Logan Paul is also a businessman. As he had already done in his boxing match, he decided to take advantage of his fame to make more money. The Pikachu Illustrator card, the most valuable and rare, has been sold in large quantities but never for that amount. Six million dollars is a lot of money, a real game changer.
This particular version of Pikachu Illustrator has recently been rated GEM Mint 10 by the PSA rating company, indicating that it is in almost mint condition, meaning there are no cracks or signs of wear. Also, there is nothing wrong with the correct color and print. This rating makes it the only registered Pikachu Illustrator card to receive this rating, which makes it an even more desirable, sensual, and selected product, of which only 40 copies are known. If acquiring one is already complicated or tricky, then in this situation and with this new milestone in the market, it seems that the price will be even higher.

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