Madonna to direct film about herself starring Julia Garner

The pop diva held a very strict casting and decided on a candidate.

The film about Madonna ‘s path to fame will be directed by the singer, who has already written the script. Universal Pictures won the opportunity to implement the project, and the choice of an actress for the lead role dragged on for several months.

As a result, according to Variety, Julia Garner, best known for the TV series Ozark and Inventing Anna, will play the queen of the pop scene.

The filmmakers have had several interviews and auditions with Garner over the past months. A source told Variety that the actress’s tests were grueling because a musical production needs an experienced singer and dancer. Madonna is demanding not only of herself but also of all the participants in her shows.

The 28-year-old actress has not yet signed a contract, but it is expected that she will agree. The start date of filming and the approximate release date of the biopic is still unknown.

According to Madonna, in the center of the plot, there will be music. She also stated that she hopes to convey through the painting the “incredible journey that I have done as an artist, musician, dancer – a person trying to make my way in this world.”

In a previous post, How do celebrity moms and their sons spend their weekends? For example, they go hand in hand with boxing matches. So, last Saturday, 16-year-old David Banda, the son of Madonna and director Guy Ritchie, adopted by a couple from the African Republic of Malawi, chose the most extravagant image for the World Hardcore Championship, which was immediately appreciated on social networks.

The scarlet dress that the young man tried on is part of the collaboration between Gucci and Adidas as part of the autumn-winter collection of the Italian brand. According to Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, one of his primary sources of inspiration was Madonna’s image from 1993.

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