Megan Fox asked her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly if he was breastfed as a child

The importance of breastfeeding for a baby cannot be overestimated. It is no secret that breast milk is perhaps the safest food that can be offered to a newborn.

In addition, it is quite capable of protecting the child from various infectious diseases and even allergies. But Megan Fox is sure that this is not all.

The other day, the famous actress talked to E! Online journalists and spoke about her theory. The celebrity believes that the presence or absence of breastfeeding can lead to the appearance of certain character traits and the formation of a particular type of temperament.

Megan did not hide the fact that the answer to the question “were you breastfed as a child?” helped her understand some people better.

So, Fox admitted that she was once interested in the same with her fiancé, Colson Baker . She did not disclose what exactly the musician answered her but emphasized that it helped them a lot to establish a relationship. True, apparently, Megan asked this question almost at the first meeting.

Recall that Fox and Baker met on the set. At that time, the actress was married to Brian Austin Green, but the marriage did not prevent her from getting along with the artist.

Now the couple is engaged and is preparing for the wedding with might and main. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have both been successful in their careers, Kelly has ventured into many industries, and Fox is a successful actress with some great characters to her name.

Together, they may be a little (or a lot) strange to some people, but their relationship seems to work for them, and they show their love in intense ways.

Megan Fox asks about her fiancé’s breastfeeding status and claims her everlasting love instead of holding a gun to her neck.

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