Michelle Branch Was Detained For Domestic Violence

The Nashville police department verified to Variety that Michelle Branch was detained for domestic abuse. Following the announcement of Branch’s separation from her husband of three years, drummer Patrick Carney of “The Black Keys,” the detention happened.

The arrest was initially reported by TMZ, which also noted that court records showed Branch had struck Carney in the face “one to two times.” $1,000 was the bail amount for Branch.

In 2019, Branch and Carney got hitched. To say that I am totally gutted doesn’t even come close to expressing how I feel for myself and for my family, Branch stated in response to TMZ when revealing the divorce.

Branch claimed Carney had cheated on her on Twitter prior to the separation being public. The two musicians, who lived in Nashville, are parents to two kids.

Branch became well-known as a singer-songwriter in the early 2000s as a result of her top-selling albums “The Spirit Room” and “Hotel Paper.” Her breakthrough track, “Everywhere,” which recently marked its 20th anniversary this year, was featured on her previous album. Branch’s duet with Santana, “The Game of Love,” from the year 2022, earned her a Grammy Award for a pop duet with vocals.

Branch is currently preparing for the Sept. 16 launch of her upcoming fourth studio album, “The Trouble with Fever.” The performer has Webster Hall in New York City on his autumn tour itinerary.

When it comes to discussing the music industry, Patrick Carney of the Black Keys has never been one to hold his tongue. The band’s lead singer did not disappoint when the group made an appearance on an episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, which is currently going viral among industry insiders.

He had more than enough time during the three-hour conversation to discuss the Grammy Awards, streaming services like Spotify and Tidal, and even exchange friendly fire with SiriusXM (where both members present programs) and the band’s record label.

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