Naomi Campbell was racially discriminated against at the air port

Naomi Campbell has always been famous for her sharp tongue and difficult character; however, as it turned out, even she does not always know what to say to the offender.

This time, the supermodel was left speechless when an airport employee in Sofia gave her a real interrogation.

The Daily Mail reports that Naomi is still worried about what happened last month: the star arrived in Bulgaria for an important shoot, but the work trip was overshadowed by an arrivals terminal worker who began to search for her.

According to Campbell, the incident was solely due to the color of her skin.

A friend of the Black Lives Matter model told the tabloid: “Naomi was very upset. The whole incident made a terrible impression on her. She was going to an exciting shoot and was looking forward to it, but the search greatly spoiled her stay in Sofia.”

However, perhaps the unpleasant incident hurt Naomi so much because of the memories. In 2008, Black Panther was taken off a plane in handcuffs after an altercation with police at Heathrow Airport. The press claimed that the star had a fight with a flight attendant because of his luggage.

Ms. Campbell was handcuffed and taken off a plane in 2008 after an altercation with police at Heathrow Airport.

It was alleged that she was angered by a cabin crew member’s statement that her bag had not been placed on board because it was too heavy.

Last year, the model announced that she was expecting a baby girl. She said the baby – whose name she did not disclose publicly was not born by surrogacy. In July 2020, Ms. Campbell’s close friend Edward Enninful, editor of Vogue, claimed that she had been racially abused when she arrived at the fashion magazine’s offices.

Sofia Airport staff did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

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