Naomi Watts Wants To Be In The Marvel Cinematic Universe For An Adorable Reason

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become an unparalleled force in the film industry. It has created many epic characters, released lots of amazing movies and even spawned the second highest grossing movie of all time, which was actually at the first spot until Avatar decided to re-release in cinemas. Given the success of the MCU, it has attracted some really high profile names over the years, including Cate Blanchett, Michael Keaton, Sam Neil, and the latest in the line is Christian Bale who recently appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder.
Understandably, the success of Marvel movies is a good reason for actors to turn their attention towards these projects especially since Marvel is drowning in billions in terms of revenue. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian have expressed an interest in starring in a Marvel film.
However, of all the reasons to star in a Marvel film, actor Naomi Watts has the most adorable reason to want to do it. The actress who is mostly known for her work in the horror genre and also for her leading role in 2005’s King Kong, has recently expressed a wish for working in a Marvel film and for a very adorable reason.
She explained it in the following words while speaking to
“Oh, my gosh, yes. [My kids are] into all of those movies. I guess I would love to play a villain and am always interested in being in movies that my kids might appreciate and think I’m cool in because I’m very uncool according to them. Whatever Marvel franchise wants to come my way, I welcome it.”
There are many reasons to star in a Marvel film but to try and convince your children that you are cool is possibly the most important of all.
Marvel films are primarily aimed towards children although over the years they have managed to gather an adult audience as well but that is only because the universe has gone on for so long that fans who were children when the MCU began are all adults now.

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