Natalie Portman in a dangerous mini dress: The premiere of the film ‘Thor:Love and Thunder

The production team of Taika Waititi ‘s new film Thor: Love and Thunder travel with the director, presenting the film around the world.

Already, the fantastic action movie has received such mixed reviews in the press that we can’t even imagine what to expect from it. But the red carpet premieres do not disappoint.

The other day Natalie Portman , Taika Waititi, and Tessa Thompson presented the film in London. For the British premiere, the actress who played Jane Foster chose a rather unusual outfit.

A bright strapless mini dress with a tutu skirt made an indelible impression on all the guests of the show. True, Internet users have no doubt that because of this outfit, Natalie practically could not sit down or bend over – the risk of showing too much is too great.

Tessa Thompson has remained true to her rather an unusual style. She complemented a sparkling dress with a golden tint and numerous “torn” traces with matching high boots.

By the way, the outfit was so tightly fitted to the figure of the actress that her breasts risked popping out of the dress at any moment.

Rita Ora, who recently returned from Paris Haute Couture Week, put on a revealing dress by inertia. A translucent outfit with complex embroidery and fringe emphasized the figure of a celebrity who decided to support her chosen one.

As the film’s title suggests, this is the first and foremost love story in which Thor is still teasing Jane Foster, a terrestrial astrophysicist with whom he first broke up. Was

Along with Thor’s home planet Asgard, the film also takes us to New Asgard, where Valkyrie now reigns.

But when Jane arrives, Thor’s broken hammer picks up Mjolnir; she turns into Mighty Thor, a development straight from the comics. Soon, he is at the forefront of a battle with the god of thunder, who seems a little upset that he now has control of his one-time weapon while wielding an ax storm.


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