NeNe Leakes Sets A Few Things Straight Via Social Media

NeNe Leakes is addressing her fans via social media and fans and followers are sending her love. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.
Someone said: ‘Lmao I love when she do that laugh honey,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Not yours mine ours wit da wave I’d have to pull up.’
Someone else said: ‘ a lot of single ppl in the club last night uh,’ and a commenter psoted this: ‘It’s giving Simon with the response.’
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A fan said: ‘Lmao one thing about nene is she not gone gaf. She gone be herself and tell it like it is,’ and a commenter psoted this: ‘NC is not a state to cheat in or antagonize the person suing you for cheating this one guy on 9 mil from the guy cheating with his wife.’
Someone else said: ‘Lmao one thing about nene is she not gone gaf. She gone be herself and tell it like it is.’
NeNe Leakes had some exciting messages that she shared with her fans and followers. Check them out below.
Someone said: I mean…. The girl ain’t been on the show in 2 years. She’s right… SHIFT THE QUESTIONS KANDI.’
A follower said: ‘She’s always shown jealousy towards Kandi since day one! Kandi was the only one that came on the show as a “star” and her own bag prior! Nor was she kissing Nene azz!’
One commenter said: ‘I love Nene as well but we aren’t going to act like she’s not problematic,’ and someone else said: ‘i knew this had something to do with Kandi….. Nene is so jealous it’s really sad.’
One other commenter posted this: ‘NeNe Leakes put the whole Housewives franchise on the map!’

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