On Stranger Things, Megan Thee Stallion Humorously Approaches Natalia Dyer About Dumping Steve

On the multi-part love triangle in Stranger Things , Megan Thee Stallion has something to say.

While co-hosting The Tonight Show this week with Jimmy Fallon, the Grammy Award winner, 27, interrogated Natalia Dyer about her character Nancy refusing Joe Keery’s Steve and whether she’s “Team Jancy” or “Team Stancy.”

“Team Stancy, I’m you. I need Steve, “She said during the show on Thursday. “But let’s talk about it. So that’s a boom. You loved Steve at first. Steve was someone you were interested in, but you eventually dumped him. No warning; he had no idea what was going on. Stupid Steve.”

“You all keep asking him to watch the kids. He continues to save your lives. He merely saved your lives. He was physically abusing everyone, and you thought, “Oh man, I’m going to Jonathan.” Sorry,'” Megan tacked on.

Dyer, 27, who has been intimately associated with Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan since the first season’s debut in 2016, reacted by laughing. “Yes, I feel horrible. Sincerely, I just believe that given how Jonathan and Nancy met, she doesn’t always choose the morally superior course of action. Though that is human, “She spoke.

“Megan remarked, “She’s a hot girl, but wait, wait, wait. Because the juicy portion wasn’t even reached. Then in the most recent season, you were making out with Steve. So, Nancy, what is it actually giving? I believe that you continue to like Steve.”

As cheers from the live crowd erupted, Dyer replied, “You know, I think I have options.”

The 47-year-old Fallon assumed Nancy is “With everything else happening on, you’re likely not even considering about a romantic triangle,” to which Dyer replied, “That’s actually how I feel.

Everyone keeps saying “Stancy, Jancy,” but I believe she just wants some “me” time after everything. Even a little counseling, perhaps. Since they are still in high school, it is somewhat demanding.”

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