On The 2022 Emmys Red Carpet, Kenan Thompson And Kel Mitchell Were Back Together Again

On Monday night, the Emmys brought viewers a huge dose of ’90s nostalgia with a reunion of Kenan and Kel.

In the middle of a sketch in which he and guest honorary bartender Kumail Nanjiani played bartenders, emcee Kenan Thompson pointed to an audience member who appeared to be waiting for a drink and told Nanjiani to serve him.

Thompson walked over to his old co-star from All That, the slumped-over man widely believed to be Kel Mitchell , and the “Good Burger” actor suddenly stood up. Can you recommend somewhere with decent burgers? Let’s make it two delicious burgers, Mitchell joked as the SNL star roared and embraced his old teammate.

While the show moved on to the next award, the ecstatic Kenan and Kel performed some classic kung fu. After nearly two decades since their last project together, fans of the former on-screen team were happy to see the pair back in action.

My inner child is overjoyed with Kenan and Kel’s reunion. One Twitter user joked, “#Emmys2022,” while another said the event made them happy.

WOW, Kenan and Kel! In search of a good burger, please. Another user tweeted, “This just made my little 90s child’s heart so happy!” with a gif of Kermit the Frog going crazy. For a millennial like myself, it’s great to hear that Kenan and Kel are still close friends after all these years of the show airing.

Someone else was let down that Mitchell didn’t request an orange soda, the drink of choice for ’90s youth who recall the iconic comedy about Kel enjoying orange soda. Even now, I’m frustrated. They offered him a beverage, and he said, “Good burger.” Where was I when the orange soda plah came in???? , they responded to the viral video.
Mitchell and Thompson were on three of the most-watched shows during the decade of the 1990s and the first decade of the 2000s.





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