On The Set Of “Dirty Grandpa,” Aubrey Plaza Remembers Leaving Robert De Niro A Little Unnerved

Even acting superstar Robert De Niro was shaken up by Aubrey Plaza’s unwavering dedication to her role.

According to Variety, the actress, who is 38 years old, reminisced about the time she and the Oscar winner, who is 79 years old, portrayed love opposites in the comedy film Dirty Grandpa in 2016 while she was participating in one of the ScreenTalk sessions at the London Film Festival.

She added that she did not have a relationship with him off-camera because he is him. I needed more time to get to know him, and he appeared out of nowhere, so there was no opportunity to discuss him at the water cooler.

I would already be in character by the time he arrived. My character’s sole objective was to have sexual relations with him. Because we were ready to begin shooting, I acted completely wild as the role. I don’t believe he fully grasped that it wasn’t me. The fact that he is an actor, and a fantastic one at that, Plaza stated, would lead one to believe that he would.

She mentioned that her acting as the sexually obsessed college student Lenore supposedly convinced Robert De Niro that one of her agents heard Bob was slightly disturbed by it.

According to Plaza, Robert De Niro was tricked once again when the actress broke character and attended a lunch he threw for the cast and crew. After I walked in the door, he asked, “Who are you, sweetheart?” She went on to say that he returned to his regular self.

At first, I made a compelling first impression. Plaza stated that she had engaged in some improper behavior that she would not engage in anymore.

In the movie “Dirty Grandpa,” Robert De Niro played the role of Lieutenant Colonel Richard “Dick” Kelly, who conned his stiff lawyer grandson Jason (played by Zac Efron) into joining him on vacation to Daytona Beach, Florida, over the spring break.

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