Onstage, Harry Styles Wore A Pair Of Vans Instead Of Adidas

Many of Harry Styles’s followers believe that the singer staged a covert boycott of Adidas before the company officially severed ties with the rapper over his anti-Semitic statements.

During his Los Angeles gig for his Love On Tour, the singer, who has been seen wearing Adidas x Gucci Gazelle shoes for practically every show, opted instead to wear a pair of red Vans.

When the tour hesitates to drop Kanye, Harry Styles wears Adidas to every show. One admirer noticed, “I see u,” and sent it to Harry Lambert, Styles’ stylist. The 28-year-old Watermelon Sugar frontman wore leather pants and a shirt with an ice cream cone in addition to his brand-new boots to his Kia Forum performance.

Another admirer expressed gratitude for the pair’s decision, writing, “We see your choice, and it matters so lot to me and all your other Jewish followers, and those who unite with us in opposing anti-Semitism in all its manifestations.”

While other listeners chose to imitate the artist and posted the phrase, Doing it like Harry Styles, these @vans are replacing my usual @adidas. After being silent for two weeks, Adidas, it’s time for a statement. #boycottadidas.

After a slew of anti-Semitic and racist outbursts from Yeezy, Adidas declared that its association with the designer was being reviewed rather than terminated, prompting Styles to pull his support for the brand. But, the athletic apparel company canceled their partnership with West, 45, on Tuesday after being called out by Styles and scores of other celebrities in recent times.

In a statement, Adidas made clear that it does not condone antisemitism or any other form of inciting hatred. However, the company’s core values of diversity and inclusiveness, mutual respect, and justice have been violated by Ye’s recent words and actions, which are inappropriate, nasty, and deadly.

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