Paparazzi Caught The Basketball Player Tristan Thompson Relaxing In Greece

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson ‘s relationship cannot be characterized as straightforward because they frequently met and split up due to the basketball player’s infidelities.

The athlete had a child with another woman while they were dating seemed to be the end of the stars’ relationship, but this was not the case.

Khloe stated it was recently revealed that the ex-lovers would have a new child this month. It is true that True will have a brother; he was born in November. Our surrogate mother has been a tremendous blessing to us. And we would want to request confidentiality so that we may concentrate on our family.

Fans had thought that Thompson would grow up to be a great family guy, but the day the pregnancy was revealed, paparazzi caught the basketball player relaxing in Greece.

According to a source close to Us magazine, Kardashian never forgave the athlete for their final liaison.

According to the insider, the Good American designer does not consider herself to be a “single parent,” and she wants the sportsman to be there for her and the new child whenever they need him.

This comes after it was stated by a number of media publications that she has no desire to meet the cheater who had betrayed her dozens of times, most notably last year when he became impregnated by Maralee Nichols.

But she seems to have a strong support system in place, including her mother, Kris Jenner, sister Kim Kardashian, and closest friend Malika Haqq, so she won’t feel like she is struggling on her own.

Given current rumors that Khloe and Tristan had patched things up, a family insider said that the two are “not back again” and “haven’t spoken to one another outside of co-parenting concerns” since December.

E! News reports that Khloe concealed the pregnancy out of concern for how it would damage her emotional state if people condemned her.

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