Paul McCartney’s Daughter Heather Works A Totally Normal Job

Regarding your career, it’s easy to choose the nepotism route if your father is one of the biggest music legends in the world. However, Heather McCartney is one of the kids of celebrities that work completely normal jobs, unlike her three adult siblings. Per Hello! Mary McCartney followed in her mom’s footsteps and is a successful photographer; Stella McCartney is a fashion designer with her own luxury clothing empire, while James McCartney is a musician and even collaborates on tracks with his dad. But Heather prefers a lower profile.

Hollywood Life reports that she studied ceramics at art school, and after graduating, she worked as a professional potter. In 1999, she released the Heather McCartney Houseware Collection, inspired by her time in Mexico. Heather enjoys a simpler and more private life than her siblings. She lives on her dad’s estate in East Sussex and keeps entirely off social media.

Paul McCartney recently talked about his role as a father and how it’s changed over the years. “As far as being a dad is concerned, I’ve always just tried to give my kids a bit of guidance if they seem to need it — but that was mainly when they were younger,” he told “Now that they are older, they’re guiding me! They don’t need so much guidance these days, but if there’s ever a problem, I’m very happy to be the guy they come to.”

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