People Who Oppose “The Little Mermaid” Because The Role Of Ariel Has Been Portrayed By A Black Woman Have Been Called Racist By Tituss Burgess

Tituss Burgess was not surprised by the nasty response surrounding the release of the new “Little Mermaid” trailer, which included black actress Halle Bailey.

What do you realize? I’m not shocked by anything that’s happening. The star of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, 43, told Page Six discreetly at the Hocus Pocus premiere on Tuesday that we live in the United States of America.

Burgess, who created the part of Sebastian the Crab on Broadway, said, “It’s a very racist country, and it’s a minimal culture. It’s full of mental disease and individuals who cannot see the forest for the trees.” They are not the target audience for the film; instead, it is aimed at those with open minds.

The teaser trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation of a classic Disney animated film received nearly 14 million views and 626,000 likes in the first few days after it was released earlier this month. However, YouTube was reportedly forced to disable thumbs-down ratings after receiving 1.5 million negative ratings.

The new film, however, has also garnered a lot of affection, as evidenced by the proliferation of endearing videos on social media featuring little black girls who were thrilled to realize that Ariel looked much like them.

Burgess was sure to point out that the mermaid, based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, is not genuine.

It’s a work of fiction! ‘Excuse me!’ he exclaimed to us. So there’s that to take into account: she doesn’t exist! [That is] all the information you need to know about the individuals who are getting angry about it. [That] sums it up nicely. The candidate for the Emmy is surely keeping themselves busy these days.

I just finished working on Disney’s “Snow White.” He said that he was a Bashful player. The most recent show I ended for Disney+ was named “Best in Snow.” I’ll be acting as the host for that. I just wrapped up filming some scenes for The Wonder Years, and I’m getting ready to start shooting another movie for Disney+.

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