Pictures Of The Allegedly Bruised Areas On Angelina Jolie From Brad Pitt Have Surfaced

Pictures of Angelina Jolie ‘s purported injuries from a fight with her ex-husband Brad Pitt during a September 2016 incident aboard a private jet have been made public.

In response to an FBI investigation into the incident that caused their marriage to end, the Oscar winner provided pictures of bruising on her hand and elbow.

Based on the FBI investigation, as Page Six revealed, Jolie told authorities that Pitt yelled at her while intoxicated in a toilet on a flight from Nice, France, to the US.

She claimed Pitt “snagged her by the head,” “snatched her by the arms,” jerked her, shoved her into the bathroom wall, and screamed at her, “You’re f-king destroying this family.” Pitt was also reported to have shaken the woman.

She stated that two of their minor children, whose names were omitted from the report, “were crying outside the door and asking ‘Are you Alright, Mommy?'” In reply, Pitt allegedly shouted, “No, mommy’s not OK. The family she is wrecking. The report said, “She’s nuts.

That remark, according to Jolie, prompted one of their kids to respond, “It’s not her, it’s you, you p—k,” which she claimed infuriated Pitt.

The actress then claimed that she saw Pitt move toward one of the kids “like he was about to assault,” at which moment she said she put Pitt in a choke grip that he attempted to escape by kicking back and shoving her into the chairs beyond them.

Jolie filed a photo of the wound to her elbow with the FBI and said that the incident left her with wounds to her back and elbow.

The report also includes handwritten papers supplied by Jolie that purportedly contain descriptions of the incident from her children and black-and-white reproductions of the images. The handwritten pages have been redacted primarily.

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