Prince Harry, in court accused the top aide of Queen Elizabeth II of abuse of power

The Duke of Sussex is sure that it was the Buckingham Palace employee that caused the misunderstanding.
It’s no secret that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are extremely sensitive to security issues.

It got to the point that at some events, they simply refused to show up just because the UK government services refused to provide them with expensive security from Scotland Yard. And this is despite the fact that at that time, the

Duke and Duchess of Sussex had already refused to work as senior members of the royal family.

The prince, apparently, does not intend to leave everything as it is. On July 7, journalists found out that he once again participated in a lawsuit against the country’s Ministry of the Interior.

True, this time, Harry blamed all the sins on the main assistant of Elizabeth II – Edward Young.

According to the prince’s lawyers, an extremely tense relationship developed between him and the secretary.

However, Harry was not initially told that Edward had anything to do with questions about the safety of members of the royal family.

Recall that last year the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wanted to visit the UK but could not because of concerns about their safety.

At the same time, it was emphasized that Harry was quite ready to pay on his own for the fact that he and his family were protected by police officers.

As a result, the prince filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of the Interior, and at the last platinum anniversary, he and Megan, nevertheless, were protected by police officers.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were deprived of their 24-hour protection when they relinquished their royal duties two years ago and moved to the United States.

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