Reasons Why Adam Levine Made A Poor Decision And Stepped Over The Line In His Marriage

The 43-year-old lead singer of Maroon 5 denied having an affair but admitted to having crossed a line in his marriage to Behati Prinsloo by having inappropriate discussions with other women.

A close friend of Levine has told PEOPLE that the rocker has denied having any sexual encounter with the Instagram model who claimed they had an affair. The man guarantees it upon oath.

Three women were the recipients of his flirty messages to her. The insider goes on to say that the couple has been physically intimate with one another, despite the fact that he is denying the connection to his pals.

One insider claims that singer Adam Levine ‘s extramarital affairs stem from his insatiable need for female attention. What could possibly motivate him to act in such a way? According to the person quoted by PEOPLE, he enjoyed the spotlight. He’s one of the few people that actually likes it.

According to the same source, although Levine spent much of COVID-19 on his own, he and Prinsloo, 34, did not split up and were not on a hiatus.

Instagram model Sumner Stroh went viral with a TikTok in which she accused singer Adam Levine of having an affair with her for a year. Stroh did not specify specific dates for the alleged relationship, but she did post screenshots of what appear to be direct messages from the singer on Instagram, including one dated April after she said they had stopped communicating.

She also showed a communication purportedly from Levine, in which he asks her permission to give his and Prinsloo’s newborn child the name Sumner.
According to the insider, no one can fathom what he was thinking when he came up with the baby’s name.

Levine and Prinsloo wed in 2014, and they already have two daughters, Dusty Rose, who will turn six this month, and Gio Grace, who will turn four this month.

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