Rebel Wilson admitted that she lost her temper and gained three kilograms

The actress teaches by her own example to love and accept her body. 42-year-old Rebel Wilson , who has been fighting extra pounds that prevent her from getting pregnant for two years, openly tells followers about all the successes and failures with weight.

Recently, the actress admitted that during an all-inclusive holiday in Turkey, she lost her temper and gained three kilograms.

The star of the films “Inveterate Scammers,” “In Active Search,” and “Pitch Perfect” illustrated this recognition with her photograph in a one-piece bright pink one-shoulder swimsuit and a white pareo.

She also added that sometimes you need to relax and enjoy life. But now, she pulls herself together and begins to eat right, drink plenty of clean water and work out in the gym.

Rebel reminded subscribers that weight never defines a person; it’s just numbers. She wished every girl not to reproach herself for breaking the diet but to try her best to be healthy and love herself this helps to become the best version of herself every day.

In a previous post, Over the past two years, 42-year-old comedian Rebel Wilson has lost a lot of weight and started wearing more revealing outfits.

In addition, the star of the films “Dirty Scammers,” “Pitch Perfect,” and “Actively Searching” began to share bikini pictures with followers.

After she publicly admitted that she was dating fashion designer Ramona Agrumah and was part of the LGBT community (the Sydney Morning Herald planned to report their relationship, and the actress decided to get ahead of her so as not to make news out of it), Rebel took a vacation and flew away relax on the sea.

And from there, she posted very candid photos and several stories to her personal account.

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