Renée Zellweger Criticizes Inferior Anti-Aging Goods. I Was Eager To Turn 50

In a recent conversation with The Sunday Times, the two-time Academy Award winner, 53, spoke up about getting older and said that women should accept who they are as they are.

Age is a subject on which Renee Zellweger has frequently taken the stage. The celebrity declared that she was not terrified about aging. She sees her benefits in what she perceives to be a natural process.

The 53-year-old actress Zellweger acknowledged in a Sunday Times interview that she dislikes the way some businesses advertise cosmetic goods, particularly anti-aging lines. The celebrity said she had no desire to go back in time in terms of her age.

After spending six years away from Hollywood, the “Judy” actress emphasizes the importance of being genuine to oneself. In 2016, after suspicions about her look surfaced, she strongly denied cosmetic procedures.

The 50th anniversary, according to Rene, “now seems to me a totally new start, the time you can stop listening to all these whispers in your head and all the hopes and projections that others have about you, and become a genuine you.
The actress defended her fury at the anti-aging product advertisements.

“All these advertisements claim that if we purchase all of their lotions, goods, and other garbage they want to offer us, we won’t need to appear our actual age. Are you saying that because I am 53 years old, I am no longer valuable? She was furious.

Rene continued by saying that recognizing who you are is the best way to live in peace with yourself.

Being the best and brightest and aspiring to be someone you do not have quite different meanings. You must recognize your age if you want to be bright and attractive. Otherwise, you will behave as though you are sorry, and I find that to be very repulsive, ” Rene finished.

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