Rita Ora boldly paraded in a beautiful dress

The star continues to attract the attention of the public with her fashionable bows.

Paris, over the past couple of days, has become a place of attraction for world-famous stars. And all because High Fashion Week started here on July 4th.

As it always happens, the attention of the public is attracted by what is happening not only on the podium but also beyond.

So, British singer Rita Ora definitely has every chance to become the main fashion star of Fashion Week. In just a couple of days, she demonstrated several fashionable bows from bold and bold to elegant and graceful.

On the eve, Ora came out in a sexy black dress with a large slit on the leg.

Its length, however, was regulated by the star itself. The zipper along the dress made it either too bold or, on the contrary, rather modest. But Ora did not become modest and even lit up a tattoo on her thigh.

The star completed the look with black shoes with open heels and straps and a clutch. Bracelets, a bulky necklace, and sunglasses completed her look.

The couple has been spotted in North London on several occasions in recent weeks as they work and make a home.

It is understood that Rita, who has been working in several films and The Voice Australia, and Tikka, who is planning a series of films, hope that once her work commitments are fulfilled, she will Will be tied in married.

A spectator told The Sun: ‘It’s unusual to see Rita in the neighborhood these days, so she bought a house but left the country soon after and barely spent time there.

“But they were buying things and loading bits, and obviously that would be where they would call home, at least for a while.”

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