Rita Ora was not timid about walking around the Glastonbury festival without makeup and styling

31-year-old Rita Ora , in the company of friends, as well as stars – Cara Delevingne, Stella McCartney, and Kate Moss – came for a couple of days to the Glastonbury Music Festival, which has been held for 50 years now.

This time, the singer did not go on stage but simply enjoyed the concerts and everything that was happening around.

The bride of the actor and director Taika Waititi generously shared photos from this festival with the followers in stories, posting them to her personal account.

On them, Rita was without makeup and styling, which caused great delight from the fans.

Unlike many other celebrities, Ora left Glastonbury, not in full combat readiness but still with casually loose curls and without a gram of makeup on her face.

By the way, the star flew away from the festival in a helicopter, from which she continued to post stories, posing in the back seat in a gray velour tracksuit and large sunglasses.

A friend told The Sun: ‘It’s not about him doing a big show and already shouting about it. It’s just about being in love and deciding the right time to regularize your relationship.

They could not be happier. “There is no ring or big construction. They got closer and closer and finally, at the same time, said to each other, “I want to marry you.”

Pal added that “some details are yet to come” but that the wedding was “coming soon.”

In August, the couple, who started dating in March 2021 after encountering in Australia, is said to be advancing so fast in their connection that they started talking about marriage, a source told New York Times. Told the idea.

“Taika calls Rita a ‘wife’ all the time and talks about how she will be her first and last,” said the insider.

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