Ryan Sutter Is Doing Bee Therapy Amid Lyme Battle

On the mend amid a lengthy battle. Trista Sutter gave Us Weekly an exclusive update on Ryan Sutter nearly two years after her husband was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

“He has his ups and downs,” the 50-year-old former Bachelorette told Us while promoting her partnership with Purely Inspired on Tuesday, January 31. “He is stinging with honeybees. It’s called bee venom therapy, and we learned about it through an organization called The Heel Hive. So we currently have about 50 honeybees in our pantry in a little house, and he stings himself every — I don’t know, every other day [or] other day — and essentially, or we’re hoping, that cures the Lyme. So he’s been feeling great since starting that.”

Trista Sutter Says Husband Ryan Sutter Is Feeling 'Great' Since Starting Bee Therapy Amid Lyme Disease Battle

Ryan Sutter and Trista Sutter at the ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition’ premiere

Ryan — and the whole Sutter family — use their Purely Inspired’s Organic Greens for health benefits too.

“I am all about authenticity and I truly use Purely Inspired [and] all of their goodies every day. I make smoothies for my family every day. I try to get the greens in when I can, and they have a product called Organic Greens that you just put a scoop in, you cannot taste it,” she said of her “mom hack.”

Ryan and Trista, who wed in December 2003, share Max, 15, and Blakesley, 13.

“It’s not for the faint of heart, lemme tell you that much,” the Dancing With the Stars alum told Us of raising teenagers. “My kids are actually pretty good. They have pretty good heads on their shoulders, even though we live in the little Vail (Colorado) bubble. They’re intelligent — I feel like street smart … they probably could use a little bit more, but they’re kind, they’re hardworking.”

Trista joked that she’s found herself sounding like her own parents as her kids have gotten older.

“There are times when I’m like, ‘Really, like, do you know that we don’t live in a barn?’ I hear myself saying the same things that my parents said to me, ‘We don’t live in a barn. Pick up your wet towel!’” she recalled. “‘Make your bed. Max, can you please get outta bed for the 15th time that I’m asking you so we can get to school on time?’ It’s the normal stressors that all parents with teenagers and toddlers and all of the above have to deal with. And it’s OK, it comes with the territory, and I’ll take those not-so-great days with all the great days because the great days far outweigh them.”

The proud mom added that the teens are “developing into their own little people.”

“I have always said — even though some people don’t agree — Max looks like me and acts like Ryan, because Ryan is, you know, super introverted. And if you look at Max and I in terms of baby pictures, we definitely are similar,” she explained. “[It’s the] opposite for Blakesley — looks like Ryan, they’re twins and acts like me more. So she’s a little bit shy, but a lot more social than Max is — or enjoys being more social, I should say. Blakesley is a little dancer just like mommy and Max plays hockey and lacrosse and loves working out now.”

For more from Trista, watch the video above.

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