Saweetie Has A Message For Billboard Following Her Award

Saweetie has a message for Billboard following the important award she got. Check out the relevant post below.

‘I know dats right! Congratulations to #Saweetie for taking home Billboard’s 2022 Game Changer award last night! Not only did she hit the stage looking great, her momma nearly burst into tears as she presented her Icy Girl with the honor.

Someone said: ‘I love she embraces her nationality! & her mother is gorgeous, they both are!’

A commenter posted this: ‘No sweetie slander is allowed ur gon let my sis enjoy her moment Gawd damn it,’ and a fan said: ‘Love her but…What game did she change???’

Someone else said: ‘Her momma fine but what game did she change???? They just be giving anybody an award now.’

A commenter posted this: ‘I’m not hating but I don’t think she was ready for this award in my opinion.’

Saweetie   just shaved her head and she managed to shock her fans and followers with the explanation that she offered. Check out the post here.

The Shade Room notes: ‘From the outside looking in, it seemed as though #Saweetie was living her best life after going through some difficult times in her personal life last year. Sis even popped out with a new ‘do, which she recently revealed is a result of incorporating meditation into her daily life!’

Someone else said: ‘Self defense? When you threw the first punch? I’d sue every last one of you.’

Back in December, it was revealed that officials were dismissing  DaBaby   ‘s battery charges from the alleged beating of a Las Vegas driver in 2020. Check out the latest reports coming from The Shade Room.

TSR said that ‘it looks like #DaBaby got a sprinkle of good news recently. According to @tmz_tv, online court records indicate that a misdemeanor battery charge against him was dismissed with prejudice. This means the case is a wrap and can’t be refiled. Apparently, the charges were dropped because DaBaby complied with prosecutors’ resolutions for the case, which included paying the victim $7,500 and steering clear of trouble.’

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