Selena Gomez confesses she was embarrassed when she posed naked for an album cover

In 2015, popular singer Selena Gomez released the album Revival. For its cover, the star posed nude. Speaking during a roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter, Selena said that she was very ashamed of that shoot.

During the frank conversation, Selena was also asked if her “old Disney personality plays a key role in your decisions at this point in your career.”

“I worked through these feelings because I realized that it was connected to something deeper than what was happening.

It was a choice I made, but that doesn’t mean it was a happy decision. I think at least I did my best; I tried to be myself. By myself, I’m not a very sexy person; sometimes I like to feel like that, but this does not mean that this is intended for someone else; this is for me,” said Selena.

But from the industry-created image of being deliberately sexualized early in her career, Selena abandoned and created her own style. “I think I did a pretty good job getting rid of it because I’m pretty honest about my shortcomings.

I took control of the storytelling of my life as soon as I got older because I really didn’t have a choice before. Now I understand that there are certain boundaries that I must set for myself.

And I respect and love many people, but I have to do what is best for me in the first place,” concluded the star. After the comedy legend was invited as a guest actor in the second series of Selena’s show, Only Murders, Selena became close friends with Amy.

The first season follows the unexpected trio, who discover that they are super fans of all real crime … and when someone is killed in their building, their spirits are tested.

The second season includes a long line of big names, including Amy, Tina Fey, and Cara Delevingne.

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