Singer Halsey admitted that by the age of twenty-five, she had managed to survive three miscarriages and one abortion

The repeal of the constitutional right to abortion in the caused serious public protests.

Michelle Obama, and many other celebrities have publicly criticized the American government, and Halsey , who gave birth to her son last July, even told how an abortion saved her life.

In an interview with American Vogue, the singer admitted that by the age of twenty-five, she had managed to survive three miscarriages and one abortion: “Many people ask me if I have revised my position since I gave birth to a child after many years of trying to give birth. The answer is no.”

The star explained that she had to terminate the pregnancy for medical reasons: “My abortion saved my life. Every woman earns the right to choose when she wants to become a mother.”

“During this procedure, I cried. I feared for myself and was helpless. I desperately wanted to terminate a pregnancy that threatened my life.

I will hold my son with one hand, and with the other, I will fight for us with all my might,” added the celebrity.

In a previous post, The news that the US constitution abolished the right to abortion shocked the vast majority of the fair sex.

Many women reacted to the decision of the Supreme Court extremely sharply. Among them were Irina Shayk, Billie Eilish, and other stars.

So, Michelle Obama emotionally spoke out on social networks: “I am heartbroken because of the women in this country who have just lost the basic right to make conscious decisions about their own bodies.

I am heartbroken that we may now be fated to repeat the painful lessons of a time when women risked their lives by having criminal abortions.

A time when the government refused women control over their reproductive functions, forced them to continue with pregnancies they did not want, and then left them as soon as their children were born.


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