Stella McCartney angry at Victoria Beckham

Celebrity designers Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney have been in an undercover rivalry for years now.

Of course, they are competitors, and each wants to conquer the fashionable Olympus.

According to The Sun, recently, their relationship has become even tenser. The reason for this was the top stylist Jane Howe, who quit the McCartney team and decided to work with Beckham.

She has become the third person who moved to the Victoria team from Stella.

“To say that there is some professional rivalry at the highest level is to say nothing.

They have both achieved tremendous success through hard work and talent. They respect each other very much. But there is quite a lot of tension between them at work,” the insider said.

The conflict between Victoria and Stella escalated two years ago after the football player’s wife lured McCartney’s nanny to her, promising her a big salary.

At the same time, insiders say that Beckham and McCartney do not like it when they are opposed to each other and push foreheads together; they would like to enjoy healthy competition.

A few days ago, the star uploaded a video of her 10-year-old daughter Harper’ playing with Mimi’s make-up’.

Victoria, who follows a strict healthy eating and exercise system, religiously uses products to the best of her ability.

Making the most of the heatwave, the brunette beauty posed on a sun lounger wearing a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap.

The post came after the former pop star filmed his only daughter on Sunday wearing lip gloss in the mirror from her Victoria brand.

Sharing this moment with his 30.1 million followers, the designer started the video by saying: ‘Harper, what are you doing.’ Her youngest child replied: ‘I’m putting on your make-up.’

The former Spice Girl then asked her daughter what product she was using, to which Harper replied: ‘It’s called Posh Gloss …’

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