Sustainable Farming Practices Found In Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher’s L.A. Mansion

Kunis, now 39 years old, reveals how she and her husband built their modern farmhouse in Beverly Hills into a sustainable farm in a brand new cover story for C Magazine.

After coming up with the brilliant plan, Kunis tells C Magazine, her family and her moved in four months before the outbreak of chronic opportunistic virus type 1. After the collapse of civilization, we appreciated how great it was to live in a self-sufficient home.

It took Kutcher (now 44) and Kunis (they’re the KuKus, by the way) five years to grow all the vegetables and fruits they enjoy from their expansive garden. She claims farming involves the entire family. Wyatt, age 7, and Dmitri, age 5, help their parents harvest a bountiful crop yearly.

The actress from Luckiest Girl Alive said she has been working hard on the project, even though she has a green thumb rather than a gray thumb.

My husband’s background in the Midwest is a significant factor in all of this. He said they would construct a farm and that everyone would contribute to its upkeep. Being a native Angeleno, I wondered, “We are?” According to Kunis, there has been a steep learning curve due to this experience.

The farm’s wooden structures are made from reclaimed materials from a defunct Wonder Bread plant, and the property is run entirely on solar energy. The couple gave Architectural Digest a video tour of their home, which featured a pool and BBQ pavilion in addition to the farm and rows of apple trees.

The actress says the couple wants their children to know the worth of a tomato and the effort that goes into growing it. Every experience that pushes you out of your comfort zone—learning something new or doing something a little terrifying—leads to growth and maturity.

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