Teachers And Administrators Are Leaving Kanye West’s Problematic Donda Academy As Angry Parents Make Headlines

A friend and associate of West’s corroborated the revelation to The Post that some professors at Kanye West’s Donda Academy departed in protest of West’s erratic conduct and anti-Semitic sentiments. According to Malik Yusef, staff members who adhered to the Jewish faith were among those who perished.
I am aware that a few persons of the Jewish faith worked there and that they essentially withdrew their participation or quit due to public pressure from, I am sure, friends and relatives. When your family tells you it’s impossible to stay, you have to go with your team, Yusef, who has characterized himself as an administrator, telling us that he gives out information to the young, developing minds at Donda, stated. The things that Kanye said were utterly ludicrous.
Tamar Andrews, a well-known and highly esteemed education expert, is said to be among the individuals who have purportedly departed the company. TMZ has reported that she is also an influential figure at two Jewish educational institutions. The Post attempted to contact Andrews, but he declined to respond when they called.
Yusef stated to The Post about Kanye West’s anti-Jewish comments, “Critical thinking is what Donda is about, and I don’t think Kanye used critical thinking.” Donda is a critical-thinking game. A request for the school’s statement still needs to be met with a response from the institution.
On Wednesday, Donda Academy Principal Jason Angell sent an email to parents informing them that the school would be closing immediately for the remainder of the 2022-2023 academic year at the decision of our Founder. But just after four hours had passed, an alert was sent stating that classes would be held as scheduled on Thursday and that school had been reinstated.

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