The Addiction And Recovery Of Zee Machine, Who Collaborated With Grammy-Winning Musicians On His Debut Pop Album

The Los Angeles-based pop vocalist describes it as a “flamboyant” pop-rock-electronic dream. Recently, I’ve been aiming for a sound that evokes fond memories of the past yet has a modern edge. My recent releases have been reminiscent of the 1980s, or more specifically, the 2080s.

Zee Machine, now upbeat, used to have serious drug problems, notably with methamphetamine, but he has since overcome them. Joe Bissell, the singer’s birth name, was attempting to break free of his downward spiral.

According to the singer, she has always had an addictive nature. Thus, it crept up on me when I was getting my bearings after graduation.

When he initially started using, drugs were like a good friend who could make everything better for a little while. But then it was every few weeks, then every watch, and finally every day of the week. When you can see everything going apart but you can’t stop it, it’s insidious and scary.

At last, he had an epiphany and admitted himself to an inpatient facility, where he stayed for over two months. He argues, that he had to pare his life down to the essentials. As time went on, I was surrounded by others going through the same thing, and I was given more and more opportunities to start over. Having learned how to get in touch with old friends, I no longer spend my time feeling isolated reasons that it was a dream job that nobody else felt I could do.
Nearing three years clean and sober, Zee Machine has plenty of company. His positive music, which found an initial audience in the LGBTQ+ community, is making waves. Currently, he has the attention of influential DJs and producers like Mark Ronson, who shared a Zee Machine track on his social media.

Zee Machine, an indie musician, has benefited greatly from the widespread exposure his work has received thanks to platforms like Twitter and the interest shown in it by major music personalities.

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