The British government demanded that Prince Charles not speak out about politics

The Cabinet of Ministers of Great Britain was dissatisfied with the statements of Prince Charles about politics.

According to the Sunday Times, several government members criticized the heir to the throne for commenting on the decision of the authorities to send illegal migrants to the territory of Rwanda, which on Friday, June 10, was approved by the British Supreme Court.

The fact is that Prince Charles criticized this decision several times, arguing that he was “deeply disappointed” and calling it terrible.

“Prince Charles adorns the life of our society, but his charm will be destroyed if he tries to behave like this as a king. This will become a serious constitutional issue,” a member of the British government told the Sunday Times.

He added: “Many of his views on architecture and horticulture are very interesting, and I will always be happy to hear them in private conversation. But if he interferes in affairs as a monarch, that’s different. The queen’s genius is that we all have no idea what she’s thinking.”

At the residence of Prince Charles Clarence House, questions related to the publication of the Sunday Times were answered by CNN.

“We will refrain from commenting on alleged anonymous private conversations with the Prince of Wales, but we will remind you that he remains politically neutral. Political issues remain the decision of the government.”

Earlier, It was told how the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II was held in the UK. During a concert near Buckingham Palace, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla took the stage. The heir to the throne thanked Elizabeth II on behalf of the whole world.

However, he began his speech with the appeal: “Your Majesty, Mommy.” This expression drew cheers from the crowd because members of the royal family are usually not allowed to express their feelings in public.

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