The Cast And Crew Of ‘Don’t Worry, Darling!’ Deny Allegations Of Tension Between Stars Olivia Wilde And Florence Pugh

In response to allegations of tension on the set of the newly released film Don’t Worry Darling, forty members of the production team and crew for the film have spoken out.

On Friday, it was alleged by Vulture that film actor Florence Pugh and director/star Olivia Wilde got into a screaming match on the set of Don’t Worry Darling. The allegation cited an unnamed insider who apparently spent significant time behind the scenes of the film.

In January 2021, the magazine claims that Wilde, 38, and Pugh, 26, got into a heated fight over Wilde’s regular, unexplained absences, with Pugh expressing frustration by saying that she and the celebrity she sees, Harry Styles, would simply go.

Now, in a statement that has been made exclusively available to PEOPLE, individuals who worked on Don’t Worry Darling has stated that any speculations about onset tensions are absolutely incorrect.

The statement opens by saying that the cast and crew had refrained from commenting on the ridiculous rumors that have been circulating about the movie that we are so pleased with, but they feel compelled to refute the unnamed “sources” that were cited in a recent story. Any claims that cast members or crew members of Don’t Worry Darling behaved in an unprofessional manner on set are wholly untrue.

The crew members working behind the scenes have stated that Wilde conducted the set with etiquette and respect for all of the engaged individuals. They have called him an amazing leader and director who was there with and involved in every element of production.

In addition, they asserted that there was never a shouting match between their director and anyone, let alone a member of their cast. This was in response to the assertions made by Vulture that there was an early disagreement between Wilde and Pugh.

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