The Controversial Tweet About Jacob Elordi That Landed Joey King In Hot Water

Let’s back up to the tweet in question. In August 2020, Joey King tweeted and deleted (via Glamour) a response to Jacob Elordi, who told Variety that he hadn’t watched “The Kissing Booth 2.” The “Euphoria” alum’s exact words were, “I haven’t seen it. You’ve seen more than I have.” Well, King wasn’t buying it. “Jacob watched it. He’s capping,” she wrote in the since-deleted post (via Us Weekly). Because the actor quickly removed the tweet, fans assumed that it was because she’d shaded Elordi, who — let’s face it, basically shaded “The Kissing Booth” first in his interview with Variety. However, King appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” to clarify that she’d deleted her controversial tweet because of its problematic language, not because of any beef with Elordi over the movie.

“‘Capping’ means lying,” she told the host. “I heard the term ‘capping’ on, like, TikTok and Twitter and Instagram, through friends, and I was like, ‘I guess this is the new thing.'” But this was not the case, as King soon came to learn. “It’s something I should not have used as a white person,” she continued. “I took it down … two accounts on Twitter called me out for it, that’s why I deleted it.” For those wondering about Elordi, he supposedly knew about the tweet all along. “I did get his permission to tweet it,” King told Howard Stern. No shade, no foul.

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